EME Alumni Financial Aid Program

EMEAA Financial Aid program was launched on the gathering of 2nd Alumni Reunion in 2006. It was decided and mutually agreed by the Alumni that a Financial Aid fund will be opened and maintained by the Alumni to help deserving students.

Financial Aid Account

The President/Account Holders keep the Alumni updated about the amount gathered in the account. The balance sheet of the account is placed in the files section of Alumni group. The President/Account Holder keeps the file updated for general review. It can be accessed at yahoo group/ files.

Rules and Regulations of Financial Aid Program

1.The number of Financial Aid given out per semester/year is not fixed and may vary depending on the amount present with the Alumni.

2.Depending on the amount, the EME Alumni may give out full or partial Financial Aid to the student.

3.The alumni will ask for applications from deserving students. The form to be used by all students has been formalized and approved by the alumni.

4.The award of Financial Aid to a certain student will be decided by at least 3 members of the alumni who will interview the candidate. The interview will be followed by a reasonable investigation into the financial background of the candidate by the Alumni to verify the information given out by the candidate.

5.The interview process will be started by advertising and inviting applications from candidates who are in terested in getting financial aid/scholarship.

6.If agreed, the Alumni may give out “Qarz e Hasana” to the student. The candidate upon start of his job will have to return the amount as per the repayment schedule agreed upon by the Alumni and the student. The award of Qarz e Hasana depends on the amount collected in the Financial Aid fund.

7. Depending on the recommendations of the Alumni body, the Alumni may or may not reveal the extent of financial aid offered to a candidate.

8.The Alumni body may take recommendations from the college authorities in award of scholarship fund but the final award will be made by the Alumni after mutual consent and discussion between the alumni members.

Responsibility of the Student

The Financial Aid is given out as a need cum merit based aid. It has to be understood by the student that the financial aid given out is given to him from hard earned money from ex-students. A student will be required to improve his grades upon receiving such a scholarship/aid. The extent of improvement will be decided by the Alumni on a case to case basis. Without any significant improvement in the academic record, the student will not be eligible for any further scholarship award from the Alumni.