Open House & Job Fair 2015

Open House & Job Fair 2015

College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering is a constituent College of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST). This elite institute is ranked amongst the top in Pakistan and students with only the highest merit are given admission to it. Accordingly our product, in terms of graduates and their projects are of the highest class....

Career Counseling Session at EME College by C3 (25-03-2011)

A Career Counseling Session was arranged by the EME Alumni Association C3 for the students of EME College on 25th March 2011. The guest speaker from EME Alumni was Hassan Arshad Nasir of 27-E.

How do I define myself effectively in “three words?”

From Rozee Blog Question from Job Seeker:I am a Mechanical Engineer. In one of my career interviews the interviewer asked me to define myself in three words and why they should select me and reject others. I was not able to provide a satisfying answer. Share with me some comments. Answer from ROZEE:Employers look for...