Dear EME Alumni Family



On behalf of the EME Alumni Association General Body, I would like to thank everybody who made it to the NUST Homecoming Event 2013. I hope that almost everybody who came to the event had an AWESOME time with their degree mates and friends. From the feedback that we have got so far, the event was a big success and a new forum to gather all EMEnents from all degrees. 76 emenents had confirmed registrations and 47  did on-spot registration so we had a good representation in this event. I would like to extend thanks from NAA President Ammar Khan and NUST Alumni Officer Rubab Asif to all EMEnents for their participation. Alumni cards of all those who attended the event are being prepared by NUST Alumni Office and we would be closely following on that and once prepared dispatch at your addresses.


I would like thank to our distinguished guests Ex-commandant Maj Gen Syed Shahid Mukhtar Shah, College Dean Brig Dr Younis Javed, HOD MTS Brig Dr. Javed Iqbal, HOD CE Brig Dr Shoab Ahmad Khan, HOD EE Col Dr. Hamood-ur-Rehman and Ex-Faculty Dr Aftab Ahmad who came to the event and it was an honour to meet them all.


I would especially like to thank the Alumni members from De-30 and De-31, who came in great numbers and showed their support for the alumni family. Most of them have just started with their careers and they would most definitely cherish this time 10 years down the line when they are all set with careers and families IA. I would request them and other young degrees to contribute towards the various causes EME Alumni is supporting.


My special thanks to all those who have been supporting EMEAA through financial means and those who have been giving precious time out of their very busy professional lives. Some of the names I would like to mention are Umer Azad (14E),  Adnan Shahid (14E), Sheikh Farhan (14E), Haris Anis (21E), Dr Ali Hassan (22CE), Dr Saad Rehman (22CE), Saba Ahsan(23CE), Zainab Saleem (23MTS), Noman Javed (25CE), Farhan Javed (25MTS), ShahRukh Athar (25E), Sidra Liaqat (25E), Bushra Riaz (26E), Sohaib Irshad (27E), Uzair Sukhera (27E), Malik Kamran Iqbal (27CE), Saad Salman (28CE), Umer Bilal Lilla (28CE), Ershian Anwar (29E), Arsalan Akhtar (29MTS), KJ Madni (31MTS), Muneeb Ahmad (31M) and last but not the least, our president,  Afnan Ahmad (18E) who have been instrumental in running this volunteer based organization and binding together the EME family. Please excuse me if i miss someone’s name.


EMEnents are the most diverse and vibrant professional people who r playing a pivotal role in various national and international organizations all across the globe. From Pakistan Army, Government and Defence Sector Organizations, Civil Service, Corporate and Business Giants, Academia to Amazing start-ups, the EMEnent family is playing its professional part all over the world. Re-unions provide not only a chance to meet friends and degree mates but also exchange experiences from professional and academic lives. So keep coming to such events and keep the family together and united.



All updates on EMEAA can be found on various social media channels like facebook, twitter and www.emealumni.com. Please do visit these pages and share success stories and professional experiences so that others also benefit from these. Please also join the GB as volunteers and keep us updated with your suggestions and feedback also.


May Allah bless the EME family and keep doing the excellent work where ever u r as EME ambassadors and Pakistanis!


The presentation given by Founding President EMEAA in the event is available here  for all those who attended and those who cud not attend. It covers pretty much everything EMEAA is doing.
Best Regards


On behalf of EMEAA GB
Abu Bakar Alvi, 17CE
PS: Photos and media of the event have been shared on our social media channels: www.facebook.com/emealumni

EMEAA – NUST Homecoming 2013 by EME Alumni Association