Alumni Reunion 2011

Held annually through the efforts of the EME Alumni Liaison Committee and the Alumni themselves, the Alumni reunion has fast grown to become an event attended eagerly by the alumni and students alike. A chance to relive memories, see how much the geography of the college has changed, and meet old friends are all factors which coax the alumni to once again visit their old abode. For the students of the students, it is an opportunity to meet their seniors who have already passed out and tested the waters of life after college; needless to say it is a chance for catching up and getting helpful advice, by virtue of greater experience. The Alumni Reunion is also utilized as an effective forum for generating funds for the alumni scholarship fund. Through this and many other ways the alumni body attempts to ensure that no hurdle might come in the way of all those who desire the same education that they, the alumni of this college, were privileged enough to receive.

This year marked the 7th iteration of the Annual Alumni Reunion. Held on the 21st and 22nd of May, this was the first time the event was spread over two days; the intention behind the move being the maximization of interaction between the students and the alumni.

The first day began with the mock interview sessions, where well-placed alumni from different companies were invited to one-by-one interview the students of the out-going, and more junior degrees, so that that they might have a better idea of what an actual interview is like.

It took a little time getting started but the turnout was very encouraging, with students from degrees 29, 30 and even 31 roaming around with their CVs, registering their names in lengthy waiting lists, and then giving the interviews. The session was given a very positive feedback from all concerned, as students hailed it as an important confidence building exercise, one which also gave them a lot of experience. Considering that there were many in the crowd for whom this was the first chance of an interview, it must be said that this was a welcome initiative by the alumni.

All throughout the day, the alumni continued to arrive and registered for the reunion. The bulk of them showed up near the afternoon and the evening, as the “back to class” sessions, and the other activities drew nearer. The “back to class” sessions were a blast from the past, as those already graduated sat in classes again, for a session with their old instructors.

As evening enveloped the college, and members of the organizing team frantically registered more and more alumni, the formal function of the night began at the College Auditorium. Starting off, the president of the EME Alumni Association, Adnan Shahid, addressed the audience, and gave an overview of all that the alumni body had been working to accomplish, and that which they hoped to implement in the near future. There were addresses from the Dean, Brig. Akhtar Nawaz, and the Commandant College of E & ME, Maj. Gen. Muhammad Shahid as they highlighted the value of the alma mater in one’s life, and how one can never let go of the memories associated with it.

The formal addresses were followed by a series of student performances, as they attempted to entertain the audience. The standout performance of the night was the skit, and subsequent stand-up comedy arranged by the gentlemen cadets of the college. They had the audience in fits of laughter, and once again highlighted how versatile the students of this college are. These proceedings were followed by dinner and tombola, in the lawns outside the officers’ mess. After enjoying a sumptuous dinner, the attendees were pleased to let their competitive spirits come to the fore in a very enthusiastic tombola.

Day 2 of the alumni reunion was to begin with matches between teams of the alumni and the student body of the college, and one must heap praise on the college authorities for preparing the ground for the matches in time. Unfortunately no match could materialize though with not enough members of the alumni in attendance.

A funfair had also been organized for this day. The start was slow, as few people risked the hot weather, even though the funfair was covered. The crowd really started to build up towards the evening; the students turned up in large numbers to enjoy the festivities. Few alumni were present for this event, but the burgeoning number of students still managed to make this event a success.

Overall, the Alumni Reunion 2011 was breath of fresh air; there are only a few events that one can points to which incite the same excitement in this academic year. The efforts of the organizing committee have to be appreciated for making sure that the event went smoothly. Appreciation is also due to the Commandant, Maj. Gen. Muhammad Shahid, Dean Brig. Akhtar Nawaz, Col. Farrukh and the whole of the Cadet’s Battalion for ensuring their continued support in all aspects for this event. Until next year, when this event does the rounds again, one is left reflecting over an event that was nostalgic, enjoyable, and important for student-alumni interaction all at the same time; in other words, a success.



By Maryam Majeed