EME Alumni Reunion 2006

2nd EME Alumni Reunion April 8, 2006

Every well established professional educational institution has a strong ‘Alumni’ or ‘Old Students’ Association’ and old students of such institutions meet regularly in Reunion gatherings. The Alumni of an institution help the fresh graduates of that institution to establish themselves in the professional world by giving them advice from their own experience and by creating opportunities for them in practical arena. This year the second Alumni Reunion of the College of E&ME was held on 8th April 2006. The Alumni Reunion was advertised extensively. A website was setup for the registration of old students of the college. A total of 150 old students attended the event. Accommodation was provided to old students who did not belong to Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The top floor of Nishtar Company was reserved for this purpose.

The guests started coming in the morning and were welcomed by the organizing committee. The faculty of the college including the Heads of the Departments and the Chief Instructor were present on this occasion. This was followed by the official start of the Alumni Reunion.
The first session started off with recitation from the Holy Qur’an. It was followed by an address by the Chief Instructor Brigadier Dr Abdul Ghafoor. After the first session the old students were taken around the various parts of the college and they were made aware of the new developments in the college. Lunch was served in the Officers Mess. An interactive session took place after lunch in which the following points were discussed:

1. The general body of the EME Alumni was selected as follows:

President: Afnan Ahmad (DE-18 EE)
Finance Secretary: Kashif Seraj (DE-18 EE)
Media Secretary: Azeem Shafiq (DE-20 MtsE)

2. An Alumni Fund was formed. Bilal Ahmed of DE-21 MtsE announced Rs 10000/= on the spot. Scholarships to the deserving current students of the college will be given from the alumni fund.

3. It was decided in principle that an EME Alumni Website will be made.

4. It was decided in principle that at least one person of the EME alumni should visit the college per month for career counseling and guidance of the current students.

5. It was also decided that the EME Alumni e-news letter will be issued on regular basis.

The Interactive session was followed by the afternoon tea break. Then a ‘Mock Interviews’ session was held. In this session the alumni of the college took Mock Interviews of the outgoing DE-24 students and informed them of their short comings so that they are better prepared for actual interviews.
In the evening all the guests gathered in the auditorium for the evening program. The Chief Guest of the Alumni Reunion was Commandant of College of E&ME, Brigadier Jamal Shahid. Souvenir shields were given to the old students following an address by the chief guest. Then the guests had dinner with the chief guest and college faculty.
The last program of the day was a musical event. It included performances by former Vital Signs member Rizwan ul Haq and by college students. As the music started reverberating, a wave of cheers, exuberance and vivacity engulfed the hall. The event came to a close at about 2300 hours.

The organizing committee of the 2nd EME Alumni Reunion 2006 comprised of:

Chief Instructor Brigadier Dr Abdul Ghafoor
Assistant Professor Saqib Javed
GSO-II Major Muhammad Kamran
NS Hafiz Abdul Hye DE-24 EE
SNS Hamza Bilal DE-24 EE
SNS Shahzad Niazi DE-24 CE
JPC Farhan Javed DE-25 MTSE
JNS M. Ali Khalid DE-25 EE
JNS Shahrukh Athar DE-25 EE
PC Noman Javed DE-25 CE
NS SaifUllah Khalid DE-25 ME
NS Ali Qayyum Raja DE-25 ME

A yahoo group by the name of ‘EME_Alumni’ of the college Alumni is already active and it can be accessed by the following link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EME_Alumni/

Students of the College can join this group to take help and advice from the old students of the College.

(Shahrukh Athar)