1st EME Alumni Reunion 9-10 April, 2005

The first Alumni reunion of the College of E&ME was held in April 2005. It was then decided to make the Alumni Reunion an annual event. The Charter of EMEAA was laid down by the senior members of the alumni.


This mega event comprises of two major concepts.

1. Mock Interviews of graduating class (elaborated below).
2. General get-together and Entertainment.


Fun, entertainment and feast are not the only features of the first ever grand Alumni Reunion. This mega event is oriented around the novel concept of “Mock Interviews” of the graduating degrees by the Alumni.

The very concept of Mock Interviews is very simple. Those, among our worthy Alumni, who are at the key positions in their organization and are involved in the process of hiring for their organization, will Insha Allah conduct interviews of the graduating class. These interviews will not result in the form of hiring, and therefore are phrased as “Mock”. But these interviews will be conducted on exactly the same pattern as those conducted in the actual process of hiring.

Therefore we’ve categorized our Alumni participants into two categories:

1. For the mock interviews and general get-together
2. For the general get-together only

The schedules for both the categories are separately attached.

An alumni gathering was arranged at the College of EME on the 9th and 10th April, 2005. It was attended by over 300 graduates. The alumni reunion was arranged as a two day event with formal discussions regarding the formulation of alumni taking place on the 2nd day.

An open house discussion was conducted to find ways in which alumni could help students of College of EME. Following were the main points discussed.

1. Formulation of a General Body
A general body of the alumni was constituted. Following members volunteered for the general body to make the alumni a functional organization.

Mohsin Qamar DE-16
Ali Akram DE-17
Afnan Ahmed DE-18
Saqib Javed DE-18
Hafiz Abid Qadeer DE-19
Hammad Cheema DE-20
Hassan Jameel DE-21
Nabeel Musharaf DE-22

The general body decided to meet on behalf of the whole alumni in the near future to formulate a constitution and to decide on the future roadmaps.

2. Student Placement/Counseling
The alumni should help the graduating class in job hunting and placement. In this regard, it was suggested that sessions be arranged with the alumni for the graduating students to find the right kind of jobs.

3. Links with industries
It was decided that the alumni should help make contacts of the college with the industry. It was decided to hold an Open House session in the college on a regular basis and the alumni was encouraged to participate.

4. Alumni ID Cards
The College agreed to issue Alumni ID cards to the graduating students for identification. These cards would also help the alumni get a smooth entry into the college premises.

5. Links with EMEnents abroad to help students in graduate studies
It was discussed that the alumni should help students of the college in admission and visa processes.

6. Curriculum design
The College agreed to have a member of the alumni on the Faculty Board of Studies (FBS). FBS is empowered to device the curriculum for the College of EME. The representation of the alumni on FBS would help shape the course work according to the latest trends of the industry.

7. Fund Raising for deserving students
The alumni would look at the possibility of making a regular contribution for the deserving students of the College of EME.

8. Technical Data Bank
A technical data bank was proposed to be put on the college server. The idea was to get the abstract of the final year projects and published research/papers of the students to class