College of EME Alumni was formed on 10th April, 2005. The Alumni did a reasonable job in organizing old EMEnents on a single platform. The general body of Alumni was revamped in Dec 2006 and a new General Body was formed comprising some volunteers. They are;
1. Ahmed Bilal Masood DE 15
2. Mohsin Qamar DE16
3. Abu Baker Alvi DE17
4. Afnan Ahmed DE18
5. Adeel ur Rehman DE19
6. Haris Anis DE21
7. Saba Ahsan DE23
8. Zaineb Saleem DE23

Since then, the Alumni General Body has seen some additions as the following voluntary members have joined to carry the Alumni into 07/08. They are;

11. Tahir Abbas, DE21
12. Noman Javed, DE25
13. Farhan Javed, DE25
14. Shahzaib Malik, DE25
15. Sidrah Liaqat, DE25
16. Faisal Mahmood, DE25

The Alumni body has been active in the following categories.

– Launching EME Alumni Scholarship
– Holding regular Career Counselling Sessions for current students
– To launch an EME Alumni Newsletter on a yearly basis
– To organize annual EME Alumni reunion
– To maintain a books/tools repository

EMEAA is supported by EME Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC). ALC works as a bridge between college and alumni. They make sure alumni is made part of all the activities in the college.  ALC provides support to EMEAA in carrying out it’s activities inside the college.


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