Dear Faculty Members, Alumni and Colleagues,

Elections of PEC Governing Body (2015-2018) are planned on 14 Jun 2015(Sunday). One of the pioneers and pillars of the Engineering program at College of E&ME, Engr Prof Dr Muhammad Younus Javed, Dean of Faculty of Engineering is contesting for the post of Member Electrical from Punjab. Prof Dr Younus has been associated with EME College for more than 24 years and has been pivotal in the emergence of EME College as one of the top Engineering institutions of Pakistan. He brings with him a blend of experience and discipline that is the hallmark of EME College and a proud tradition for all EMEnents.

All registered ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS are eligible to cast the vote in this election in favor of Engr Prof Dr Muhammad Younus Javed. You can check, if your name is included in the voter list, at Please locate the nearest polling station from

All ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS (both faculty members and Alumni) of College of E&ME are requested to join hands and convince fellow colleagues, course-mates and friends to support and vote for Engr Prof Dr Muhammad Younus Javed for his landslide victory.

Brig Younus Javed

His brief profile is as follow:

Serving NUST College of E&ME since 1991.Prof Engr Muhammad Younus Javed completed BE Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore in 1982 and joined Corps of EME in June 1983. He did MS and PhD from UK in 1988 and 1994 respectively. He has over three decades professional experience of teaching and research. His salient contributions and achievements are:

  • Remained Head of Department for 12 years, Associate Dean for 2 years and now Dean for the last 4 years.
  • Played meaningful role in the establishment of NUST and its name, fame & ranking in the world.
  • Taught to over 6000 students and successfully supervised 152 MS and 6 PhD Theses for the award of postgraduate degrees from NUST.
  • Published 281 research papers in the highly reputed journals and refereed conferences of the world. Summary is as under: –
  • Journal Publications = 92 (USA=20, Pakistan=19, UK=15, South Korea=7, France=4, China=3, Egypt=3, The Netherlands=3, Singapore=3, Turkey=2, Greece=2, Germany=2, Ireland=1, Australia=1, Jordan=1, Republic of Mauritius=1, Romania=1, India=1, Finland=1, Switzerland=1 and Canada=1)
  • Conf Publications = 178 (Pakistan=60, USA=18, UK=14, China=10, Malaysia=8, Thailand=8, Italy=6, Singapore-6, Greece=5, Spain=4, South Korea=4, Japan=4, Australia=3, Canada=3, France=2, Russia=2, Slovak Republic=2, Turkey=2, UAE=1, New Zealand=1, Portugal=1, Czech Republic=1, Philippine=1, Belarus=1, Qatar=1, Bangladesh=1, Poland=1, Morocco=1, Mexico=1,The Netherlands=1, Hong Kong=1, Nigeria=1, Cyprus=1, Austria=1 and India=1).
  • Submitted Journal Papers which are Under Review = 11 (UK=3, USA=2, Germany=2, Jordan=1, Malaysia=1, Singapore=1 and Pakistan=1)
  • Has been awarded “Best University Teacher Award” for his outstanding contribution by the HEC of Pakistan on 13 August 2008.
  • Has been awarded “Best Researcher Award” for his marvelous research work on 15 April 2010.
  • Received Ideal Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Excellence Award in recognition to his exceptional accomplishments and dedicated services on 3rd Oct 2012.
  • Educated and trained all faculty members of College of E&ME on the Outcome Based Education (OBE) system in six months and international accreditation of engineering programmes on OBE implementation was conducted from 11th to 12th Aug 2014 by Prof Lock from Singapore and Prof Megat from Malaysia along with five evaluators and twenty-four observers from Pakistan. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, College of E&ME is the first institution of the country which has been successfully accredited by the international team of evaluators appointed by Washington Accord (WA) management. This big success will enable Pakistan to attain full membership of WA.
  • Has played pivotal role for making Pakistan as Provisional Member of Washington Accord in order to have international recognition of Pakistani Engineers for the purpose of their employment and mobility all over the world.
  • Being the Convener of PEC Working Group on Washington Accord, has written PEC Manual of Accreditation in March 2014 for implementation of OBA System for enhancing quality of engineering education in the country.