Annual Annual EME Alumni Reunion is planned for late April/May , 22 March 2014* 15th March 2014. Alumni members from all degrees (DE-1 to DE 31) are requested to come and enjoy their evening with old friends, old faculty members and give words of advice to the graduating class. The detailed programme of the event will be available on this website very soon.

To be able to arrange food, newsletters & other arrangements for all of you in the right quantity, you are requested to register for the event. Registration is easy, you can visit  and fill in the on-line form.  There is a nominal registration fee to cover food, arrangements and newsletter. The registration is open.


Share your transaction receipt on our email

Please bring your National ID card, it may be required at the gate for security verification.

We are planning to invite all faculty members to the reunion. These will include current as well as old faculty members. If you want to invite a particular faculty member, kindly let us know by dropping a message at We would appreciate if you can dig some contact information of that particular faculty member so that we can send an official invitation.

A small entertainment session has been arranged after dinner on the reunion night. If anyone of the old alumni wants to participate, kindly let us know through the confirmation message. Apart from the entertainment session, a small donation desk will be put up near the registration counter for people who want to contribute to the Alumni Scholarship Fund.

You are requested to forward this invitation message to your degree mates so that it reaches the maximum audience. We look forward to seeing you at the College. For any suggestions or queries, feel free to contact us.

 See you soon!


 * The date will be announced in coming days. The program has been postponed due to low number of registrations. We regret any inconvenience, in case you want refund, please write to