What a home coming is was: I met some of brightest of our graduates coming from different parts of the world. They, without any doubt, are among the very best our country has produced. A majority of our graduates have left Pakistan in pursuance of better life and professional excellence. The very few who came for the homecoming were expressing their desires of paying back to the country. The atmosphere was charged with greetings and emotions. The friends were meeting with each other after a long time. I was amazed to find out that there were a series of speeches on the podium by distinguish speakers, they must be knowing that nobody is listening to them. I, even without listening, could figure out what they all would be saying about NUST, its future plans and urging the alumni to participate in the alumni fund. But I was trying to go a step ahead and motivating the very few who came, convincing them to team up with their mates in Pakistan and execute technology as they are working at places that are at the forefront of innovations and inventions. I know the resolve they have, they would for sure contribute, IA. A junior from the college asked me to give poetic description of my feeling and experience of the homecoming, so here it is.