The EME Alumni Association Career Counseling Center (C3) held a Career Counseling Session at EME College today (25th March 2011 – Friday). It took place from 11:00 am to around 12:45 pm at the ECR (Electronic Conference Room), Department of Computer Engineering, EME College. The arrangements were done by the Student Wing of the EME Alumni Association called the Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC).

Hassan Arshad Nasir of 27-E was the alumni speaker at this event. Hassan is finishing his MS (Computer Engineering) from LUMS School of Science and Engineering. He is an honor student at LUMS besides being a Research Associate at the CyPhyNets Research Lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering, SSE LUMS. He is working with Dr Abubakr Muhammad, who is a renowned researcher in the area of Control Systems. Before joining LUMS as a graduate student, Hassan worked at LUMS SSE EE Department as a Lab Engineer with Dr Abubakr Muhammad. Hassan’s profile can be seen in detail at his page:

About 20-25 students of EME College attended this session. They belonged to DEs 29 and 30 and were from EE and MtsE disciplines. Hassan talked about the graduate admission process and shared his own experience of graduate study and research at LUMS SSE. Hassan also informed the students about the graduate program at LUMS SSE in CS/CmpE and the admission application process along with deadlines.

The EME Alumni Association Career Counseling Center (C3) plans to hold similar sessions for the students of EME College in future. We would need the help and support of the EME Alumni to keep this initiative going. EME Alumni can help us by coming forward and going to EME College for conducting a Career Counseling Session. All you need to do is to send an email to ( and the EME Alumni Association will do all the arrangements through the Alumni Liaison Committee (ALC).

Looking forward to more career counseling sessions at EME College with the help of EME Alumni.

Shahrukh Athar


EME Alumni Association