Writer: Mohsin Mukhtar (29 EE)

And the winner of LUMS Psi Fi’ 11 university event is …… ‘EME (NUST)’. With this announcement, a roar erupted from one section of the crowd where all the Emenents were seated. Winning a national level event which hosted more than 15 universities with almost 100 teams consisting of 3-5 students each is a big achievement.

The EME delegate consisted of 28 students, 8 teams in total. Freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior year students all were part of the team. Majority of the participants were from Electrical and Mechanical departments with 3 girls from mechatronics department completing the delegation.

From left to Right (Ansar, Mohsin and Zubair)

The events in the competition in which the EME teams participated are:

This test was based on fundamental principles of mathematics that was be used to evaluate adeptness. It was an event to test the Mathematical caliber of its participants and further enrich them. The winning team was from senior year (Mohsin Mukhtar, Ansae Iqbal and Zubair Lutfullah from 29ee). The eventhead was so impressed with the team that he awarded chocolate to main brain of the team ( Ansar Iqbal) for one proof he challenged no one could do in the allotted time. His claim however was proved  wrong by Ansar who completed the proof in time.

Bilal (left) and Umer Usman (right)

An interactive race spread out over five levels where teams were to accomplish given science based tasks to progress to the next level. Here teams had to act decisively, problem solve, decipher codes and navigate their way through some amazing locations, with a twist at each level. Winning team again was from senior year (Mohsin Mukhtar, Zubair Lutfullah and Ansar Iqbal from 29ee).

Gear up:

Saad Zulfiqar (right) and Usman (left)

In this event teams were to design improvised mouse trap cars (1st round) and battery powered cars (2nd round) that can travel specified distances. Projects were judged on certain technical parameters which were conveyed at the event. A team of 4 students from EME consisting of sophomores (Umer Usman and Bilal from 31ee) and junior year (Saad Zulfiqar and Usman30mech) students were the winners meeting all the technical requirements.

Junkyard wars:

Inspired by the popular reality show, this was a chance to transform a provided pile of mechanical soup, seemingly random trash, into a mighty vehicle. The task was to drive a machine of given dimensions, without the use of tyres. Team from junior year and sophomore (Umer Usman and Bilal from 29ee, Saad Zulfiqar and Usman from 29mech) were the winners.

Tour de Mind:

Tour de mind was a multi-round trivia which tested the length and breadth of one’s familiarity with scientific facts and concepts. Teams were quizzed on science related questions divided into a variety of categories. Winning team was from senior year (Hassaan Saadat, Abdul Moiz and Ahmad Hasan Syan from 29ee).

From left to right (Ahmad hasan, Hassaan and Moiz)

In the first session, the participants were given series of mathematical and scientific problems to be solved using C++ and Java. In the second session, the teams were given challenging problems representing real life phenomena/ hypothetical situations from scientific field. Teams had to choose a problem and simulate it using any programming language of their choice (like MATLAB, C/C++ etc.) in 3 hours. The senior year team (Hassaan Saadat, Ahmad Hasan Syan and Abdul Moiz from 29ee) stood 2nd in the event.

Two teams also participated in Reach the sky (participants had to make an RC plane) and Wired up (circuit design) event but could not secure a top two position and were tied at third.

Heads of the EME delegation Mohsin Mukhtar, Ikram ul Haq, Meraj Hasan and Arslan Khalid were called upon the stage to receive the Winning trophy. The host team and other participating universities both were impressed by this performance as the event was totally dominated by the EME. Upon their return, the Dean and Commandant College of EME met with the Head Delegates and congratulated them on this impressive achievement which was a result of combined team effort and hard work on the part of the students. They also instructed the team to keep winning and further enhancing EME’s glorious repute among the other universities.

The winning team of PSI FI’11……EME!!!