Assalam-O-Alaikum, Recently I browsed and viewed few of the video lectures available on the courseware sites mentioned in an earlier email thread. From EME’s point of view, some of the courses that were not taught that well at my time, but are important in industry. So I thought why not post direct links to them.

The course material is also generally downloadable so one can do the assignments and exams to check his understanding level. I don’t know whether current students in EME are on Alumni or not, If not then whoever can share this list to them please do that.

Berkeley: Operating Systems

Programming Courses As such no pre-requisite for programming courses. You can ask anyone interested in gaining programming skill to watch these and start trying (from kids to people of other fields).

Stanford: Programming Methodology (Java)

Stanford: Programming Abstractions (C++)

Stanford: Programming Paradigms

Architecture Berkeley: Graduate Computer Architecture

The professor is co-author of ACA book generally taught in most of universities. But not directly downloadable. Can watch them online or use some video downloader. Digital

Communications MIT: Principles of Communication 1

Mathematics MIT: Linear Algebra

I heard that once books were taken from Baghdad to Europe.. I think it’s time for the reverse flow to become the leaders in Science and Technology again inshAllah. I should have created a folder on Alumni group site so that others might add to the list based on their ratings of the lectures they see. But I am sort of busy right now, if someone else could do it, would be great.


Yasir Javed 19-C