Sir Shahid Masud

Sir Shahid Masud

a) What is your current place of study/work? (What’s the best part of it? Share your experience)


I am an Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore. The best part of it is dealing with young souls that have lot of energy and zeal to aim for stars. I have developed interest of a number of students towards signal processing and embedded systems. I contributed in looking after the evolution of graduate programs (MS/PhD) in LUMS since 2004 that has produced around two hundred Masters and four PhDs thus far.
b) Write (very briefly) major milestones of your career after leaving EME.

i. Completed M.Sc. from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 1992.
ii. Completed Ph.D. from Queen’s University, Belfast, United Kingdom in 1999.
iii. Won merit scholarship from Government of Australia for Master studies.
iv. Won Commonwealth scholarship from Government of UK for PhD studies.
v. Became Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at LUMS in 2004.
vi. Became Senior Member of IEEE in 2008.
c) Looking back in time, how do you find your memories of EME?
Answer: Very fond memories. Still remember Dr. Abdussalam Qazi, Dr. Mohammad Ali Maud, MAK, Karim Sahib, Hamayet Sahib, Major Imran (Now VC of IST), Major Khalid Raz and many others. It was a nice environment and a new experiment by which officers and civilians were together in class rooms. I got a chance to be on visiting faculty of EME College, teaching Advanced Electronics in 1993-94. All memories are pleasant and fresh in my mind. A desire was apparent in the administration and faculty to make EME College a success and time has shown that they were on the right path.
d) What suggestions would you like to give to the students of EME?

i. Grow that much confidence in your abilities that you can start your own entrepreneurial ventures in Pakistan.
ii. Never be afraid to speak up and be counted.
iii. We owe a lot to our people, our society and our country.
iv. Engage in sports and extra-curricular activities. I developed a passion for Amateur Radio, game of Squash and Computers during my studies and it still continues.
v. Use your energies in solving technical and social problems being faced by Pakistan.
e) If you are given a chance to bring a change, what would you like to change in EME?
To establish a culture of merit, equality, openness and tolerance.
f) How can we EMEnents help bring a change in Pakistan?
Engage with society on all possible forums, i.e. professional forums such as IEEE, IET, ACM etc. Forums for Disabled people, Charity organizations involved in education and social up-lift, Charities providing medical care etc. Without interacting with society and offering our services at all levels, the society will not realize the importance of engineers and their role in country-building.