Sir Murtaza

a) What is your current place of study/work? (What’s the best part of it? Share your experience)

I am currently pursuing PhD at Georgia Institute of Technology. Since this is a research/academic environment you are constantly learn new thing every day.

b) Write (very briefly) major milestones of your career after leaving EME.

1. Research Excellence Award in Jan 2007 for paper presented in Photonics West Conference, San Jose, CA 2007

2. President Pakistan Student Association (PSA) in year 2008

3. Represented Georgia Tech Cricket Club in Atlanta League Hard Ball Cricket Tournament for 2004 and 2005.

4. Secured 2nd position in Georgia Tech Squash Tournament 2006.

c) Looking back in time, how do you find your memories of EME?

Very pleasant, I am very happy to have attended EME for my undergraduate studies. It prepared us very well for graduate studies in top American schools. Comparing the quality of students at EME College to students here I can confidently say our students are better than students here and the curriculum is also very similar, the only areas we might lack are labs. Through our students here, NUST has developed a very good reputation amongst the faculty members and they rate NUST students very highly

d) What suggestions would you like to give to the students of EME?

Have faith in the quality of education you are getting at EME. Those who would like to pursue further studies, I would recommend that they concentrate on their studies and try to get good GPA. If you have a GPA > 3.5 you can get into Gatech easily, the only question remains is securing funds. For that I would recommend they keep their options open and move away from the conventional areas of Communications and Signal Processing. Areas such as Semiconductors, Optics and Photonics, Bioengineering and MEMS (Micro electro mechanical systems) are the hot areas with lots of funding. If you are willing to come to these areas you should be able to find funding as well.

e) If you are given a chance to bring a change, what would you like to change in EME?

To sustain high quality research requires a lot of funding, for which government, industry and defense organizations should look towards the universities. That is the part the other players need to play for uplifting higher education and research in Pakistan. What EME and other schools need to do is constantly updating their curriculum by adding new courses, updating the contents of the courses and adding new lab facilities to keep the students up to date with the current level of engineering education.

In particular EME should look into starting graduate studies in the areas of Semiconductors, Optics and Photonics, Bioengineering and MEMS. Try to establish labs in these areas. Try to establish contacts with good science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) schools establish cross listed courses and joint research to prepare our students and graduates for better and out of the box engineering solutions tailored to our needs.

f) How can we EMEnents help bring a change in Pakistan?

I think what we lack in Pakistan is taking our engineering education and getting products out of it. Those in industry should convince their bosses to invest in engineering education in Pakistan by looking for local solutions from our institutions. Creating companies to translate research and term projects into products and help reduce our reliance on foreign products.

On the other had faculty members with the help of students can create student organizations that help local, especially government schools in educating them about science and instilling in them a passion for science and engineering education. In the current global scenario no country can achieve excellence and domination without strong engineering scientific foundation