a. What is your current place of study/work? (What’s the best part of it? Share your experience)

Lecturer in School of Science and Technology, University of Management and Technology.
(The best part of it is the flexibility of timings; secondly I can directly contribute to the society by training engineers for the future with professional skills and good practicing Muslim).


b. Write (very briefly) major milestones of your career after leaving EME.

Doing Post-graduation and publishing my first research paper in IEEE Conference.

c. Looking back in time, how do you find your memories of EME?

Best part of my life, especially the hostel life.


d) What suggestions would you like to give to the students of EME?

Undergrad study is the foundation, whether in the future you want to go for higher studies, Industry, or any research oriented job. Try to get maximum out of it. Don’t study any course for the sake of grade only; though grades are important….Try to get real insight about that course. Each course has its own importance.


e) If you are given a chance to bring a change, what would you like to change in EME?

I will be very strict about the plagiarism policy, it kills the real engineering.


f) How can we EMEnents help bring a change in Pakistan?

Serve Pakistan with sincerity and honesty.