a) What is your current place of study/work? (What’s the best part of it? Share your experience)

Current place of Work: FAST – National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Islamabad.

Best part of it: Very good management, environment congenial and conducive to productivity

b) Write major milestones of your career after leaving EME. After graduating from CEME in 2004:

  • Won Gold Medal for best final-year project (“Ultra Wideband Transceiver Design”) in BE Electrical Engineering
  • Worked as a Research Associate at NUST-CEME Microwave Research Labs on the first indigenously developed ground surveillance radar (GSR) in Pakistan
  • Did MS in Electrical Engineering from CEME with CGPA 4.0/4.0
  • Initiated a project for the development of Pakistan’s first indigenous Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) all-weather active airborne imaging system
  • Participated in various National and International trainings related to mixed RF/DSP system design
  • Conducted various workshops & trainings on topics like “Introduction to RF Measurement Equipment”, “Advanced Fourier Analysis Techniques” and “Intro. to MATLAB for Engineers” at renowned institutions nationwide
  • Designed, developed and taught state-of-the-art courses in the areas of Radar/Microwave Engineering at various universities including FAST-NUCES, NUST and CASE


c) Looking back in time, how do you find your memories of EME?

EME has made me what I am today. The greatest benefit that NUSTians have is the immensely talented intake of NUST. You get challenged by your class fellows
even if you don’t get challenged by anyone else or anything else. I remember a few great teachers too. But the thing that I remember most of all is our great library at CEME.


d) What suggestions would you like to give to the students of EME?

Expand the horizons of your learning beyond Engineering. Try to develop the quality to maintain an independent critical attitude towards whatever you face in life. And this quality can be developed only through the acquisition of knowledge of the requisite domains.

Be conscious about your careers earlier on and try to create a unique culture at EME in this regard. Hold seminars/workshops, try to develop a GRE-culture, try to write research papers with your teachers, so on and so forth. Be conscious about your prayers (Namaz) too! Give respect to elders & seniors especially your parents.

e) If you are given a chance to bring a change, what would you like to change in EME?

Compare EME with any established International University – it’s difficult to mention all the changes required because we still have to go a long way! But I can assure one thing that with the able guidance of Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan everything is possible!

f) How can we EMEnents help bring a change in Pakistan?

Nature has created a balance in everything. The best thing to do, therefore, would be to “follow your nose”. Try to figure out the work you’re really interested in and then try to excel in that area, whether it is Engineering, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth/Space Sciences, or even Arts, Literature, History, Philosophy, and so on. Do not limit yourself. The highest of the high-tech research today is being done at the boundaries of different fields. So you can opt for your favorite work that you always wanted to do and still make a significant contribution to the field of Sciences & Engineering.


This is the time to excel! And Pakistan requires experts in all areas of Arts and Sciences to lead our Nation into its technological future. May Allah Ta’ala Help us all.



Kashif Siddiq