a) What is your current place of study/work? 
I am working in Kuwait these days as UMTS RF Optimization Engineer, the best part of my job which I found is, it not only gives me chance to learn, study and developed my skills but also provides me an opportunity to travel in different countries.   

b) Write major milestones of your career after leaving EME.
After graduating from EME in DE-24 EE, I got the chance to work in a leading telecom vendor as RF Optimization Engineer, it was a challenging role but the values I learnt in EME, really helped me to accomplish difficult tasks and to meet the short deadlines. During this period I travelled throughout the country and abroad as well.

c) Looking back in time, how do you find your memories of EME?
I can’t say that to stay in EME is easy rather its challenging, at times I used to regret my choice of EME but now if I look back on those days, I can only say those were golden days. I found lot of good and sincere friends in EME. I have the very good memories with SPAL which really helped to change the color of EME. I witnessed the first Alumni reunion and I still remembered the event, the 2nd reunion was another memorable event in EME, which was organized by Sir Saqib & DE 24, and I was a part of organizing team.   

d) What suggestions would you like to give to the students of EME?
Don’t waste your time, give full respect to your time and study; the time you spent in EME will pay back you. You have a good chance to work hard and take the share you deserve, you are the one who have the future of yourself, your family, your institution& your country in your hands so be honest and dedicate yourself to study. 

e) If you are given a chance to bring a change, what would you like to change in EME?
There should be changes in syllabus, according to the new developments in technology and according to the demands of the Industry.

f) How can we EMEnents help bring a change in Pakistan?
In present situation of country and the rest of the world, we have a great responsibility and I think EMEnents can play a vital role. In country we need to educate and change the minds of our people against the challenges our home land is facing, outside the country we can change the minds of other nations and people about our country and this can only be done by our positive attitudes and our good actions