From: Muzammil Butt <>
Date: Friday, August 22, 2008, 8:51 AM

hey all.


I just came across this article, it may be useful for many of us (though this topic has been discussed many times here, but I have seen many of our juniors making the same mistakes). BTW these instructions are quite comprehensive.

The ultimate job hunting tool. In today extremely competitive job market, a perfect CV is more crucial then ever. Your CV has got the potential to make or break your career.

The first purpose of your CV is to get you an interview. If you are not getting interview calls then it is the time to look at your CV.

The second purpose of your CV is supply selected, factual and useful data about you.

Please remember with CV “less is more“. 2 pages is recommended length for professional and 1 page for students unless you have got a good enough reason to go beyond 1 and 2 pages respectively.

Essential elements:

  • Your contact details
  • Your abilities, skills & competence and what are offering
  • Your achievements
  • Your educational background
  • Some relevant personal information

Once you have created a winning CV then should be proud of that document as it is the most important document of your life.

Some Dos and Don’ts of CVs


  • Do add max three lines punch line under your name which should tell who you are and what skills you have got and your objective.
  • Do leave enough white background space in your CV i.e. it should not look much cluttered.
  • Do add career highlight section in your CV just below your punch line.
  • Do make CV well organized, relevant and concise.
  • Do highlight (with bigger font) your name in your CV.
  • Do check spelling before sending out the CV.
  • Do check grammar before sending out your CV.
  • Do take the print out of your CV to see how it looks on paper.
  • Do use right sign post; headings.
  • Do read it out loudly twice in order to capture any errors.
  • Do show it to couple of your well wishers for any useful advice and error spotting.
  • Do quantize your accomplishments, e.g. reduced drop call rate to 1.5% .
  • Do use action words e.g. drafted, created, organized, managed etc.
  • Do keep it simple. Avoid complex and lengthy statements .
  • Do make your CV visibly attractive.
  • Do use bullet points.
  • Do concentrate on your
    achievement not on your responsibilities.

  • Do remember Honesty is the ONLY policy when writing your CV.
  • Do list your strongest attributes on top of your CV.
  • Do add professional membership.
  • Do add any industry seminar/workshop attended.
  • Do add all internal and external technical and soft skills trainings.
  • Do include only your last obtained degree unless you have a good enough reason to add any old degree.
  • Do remove any duplication.
  • Do make sure you have put down your cell number and email id under your contact details at the top.
  • Do highlight all the key words in your CV.
  • Do use a high quality white paper if you are posting out your CV.
  • Do think about the potential reader while creating your CV.


  • Do not Include references.
  • Do not include your picture.
  • Do not include your id card number.
  • Do not include your nationality.
  • Do not include your father name.
  • Do not include your gender.
  • Do not include your marital status.
  • Do not include your current salary.
  • Do not include your religion.
  • Do not use font size below 11.
  • Do not use fonts other then Aerial, Time Roman, Century Gothic, Tahoma.
  • Do not write “CV” or “Resume” on the top it is obvious.
  • Do not use abbreviations which is not common in the industry.
  • Do not write every single job you have done unless they are all relevant.
  • Do not add any negative points.
  • Do not put any irrelevant hobbies.
  • Do not include your windows /MS office skills as it is obvious in our industry.
  • Do not include your health information.
  • Do not include any information which is humorous.
  • Do not use graphics, shading, fancy border etc.
  • Do not use I or We as it already implied.
  • Do not put reason for leaving the jobs.