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Question from Job Seeker:

I am a Mechanical Engineer. In one of my career interviews the interviewer asked me to define myself in three words and why they should select me and reject others. I was not able to provide a satisfying answer. Share with me some comments.

Answer from ROZEE:

Employers look for a well-rounded person when they are hiring an employee. Once you have satisfied the interviewer that you are a good Mechanical Engineer he may still probe you for further answers to get a better understanding of your overall personality. Research has shown that employers value following characteristics in candidates. Although all of these traits are important, however, depending on the nature of the job, some are more important than others:

• Excellent communication skills
• Trustworthy / Responsible / Mature
• Good organizational / Time management skills
• Team player
• Able to work well under pressure / Loves challenges
• Hard worker / Energetic / Self-motivated
• Having analytical skills
• Dedicated to meet deadlines / Persists until job is done
• Adaptability to changes
• Good People Skills

You need to review this list and see which ones apply to you. It is not a bad idea to see which areas need improvement and determine what you can do to enhance yourself.

With regards to your second question as to why the employer should hire you, you need to refer back to the first question: What characteristics do you possess from the above list which qualifies you as a model employee?

In other words, where you might lack in the number of years in experience or the level of degree from other candidates, you can make-up in these important, more “softer” areas. A person with more experience and a long string of degrees maybe turned down by an employer to hire a candidate that shows more enthusiasm, dedication to job and adaptability to change at work.