alc meeting

EME Alumni Association is playing active role in homecoming to make sure good numbers represent College of EME.

Review meeting was conducted by EMEAA GB members with ALC on 22 December 2013.

GB: Alvi 17, Saad 22, Ali 22, Farhan 25, Noman 25, Saad 28, Sohaib 27
ALC: Munhal, Hamza, Asad, Naveed, Zia, Mauvia
Minutes of Meeting:
1. Information sharing of the event with the ALC, details of the event, time, venue etc.
2. Three people from ALC will man the stall for registration.
3. Three people from ALC will be mobile to usher senior guests.
4. 1 x photographer from emeaa (alc member)
5. EMEAA will also distribute brochures on the registration stall. The main highlight will be our Aid program with numbers and details.
6. We will have two panaflex screens:
       a. background with logos to take photos of alumni members attending
       b. panalfex with white bg to ask alumni to sign and leave comment
7. Our members will be formally dressed with EME ties/scarves.
8. A polaroid cut-out to take photos. will also be used.
9. EMEAA GB members will also help with the registrations to avoid any issues.
10. Final list will be shared with NAA by Wednesday.
11. A full rehearsal will be done at NUST on Friday along with ALC.
12. Standees have been provided to NAA.
13. Student lists are also being verified by us.
14. Overhead costs to be covered by EMEAA GB. (approx Rs 10,000/-)