The recent earthquake in Baluchistan has affected thousands of people,  having displaced families,  destroyed homes and devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of land.  The people affected are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable in Pakistan and are in dire need of urgent humanitarian assistance.  It is a moral obligation of all Pakistanis to rise to the occasion and reach out to our victim brethren in need.
By the Grace of Almighty,  all NUSTIANS have been zealously participating in flood donation drives of 2010, 2011 and 2012,  where about Rs 2million were raised each year, and NUST students went to the affected areas and distributed goods themselves, in collaboration with Military and the Government/NGOs.


To respond to this call of time now, NUST Community Service Club has launched a donation drive.   You are appealed to contribute as follows:


1.  Cash deposits directly into NUST relief account:
 A/C Title: Relief Fund NUST
 A/C # 22927000275101
 IBAN: PK48 HABB 0022 9270 0027 5101
 Branch Code: 2292
 HBL, NUST Branch, Sector H-12, Islamabad


   Paypal: (Please write ‘for baluchistan fund’ in the comments)


2. Cash contributions in donation boxes being placed in every school/building.  Student coordinator of every school may also be called/texted to collect donations (contact list is at the end)


3.  Contributions of goods/supplies (please call the contacts below for collection):
a.  Dry rations: Packed biscuits,  flour, rice, sugar, powdered milk, pulses, tea etc.
b.  Clothes: in good condition (if not new,  must be washed, pressed & packed in plastic bags, with age and gender marked on it).


4.  Posting the above information on your facebook/linkedin other media pages


5.  Appealing your families and friends through emails and SMS


We intend to dispatch a truck load of goods as early as possible, preferably within 10 days time.
Contact List for HQ and all schools
Rida Aleem         SNS (H12)        0300-2754701
Ahmed Zulfiqar SCME    0333-3035825
Danish Munir     SMME   0322-9715557
Hasan Mustafa  SEECS    0322-2205152
Muhammad Umar           IGIS        0321-5476706
Murtaza               IESE        0332-3162348
Ali Imran              NBS        0321-5528076
Farzan Sohail      NICE      0324-6863636
Arslaan                 ASAB/SADA        0322-4609386
Bilal Ahmed        HQ, C1, C2           0331-7890629